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As Shedu we help you with the legal procedures regarding establishing a new company (Joint Stock, Limited Liability or other forms) or opening your branch office & liaison offices in Turkey. Also, with the help of our experienced solution partners, we help you obtaining working permits in Turkey. 

Turkey's current legal environment is extremely business-friendly for foreign investors. You can establish a business in Turkey irrespective of your nationality, or place of your residence. Besides, the new Turkish Commercial Code allows the establishment of joint stock companies and limited liability companies with only a single shareholder.

Documents for the Company Establishment (May change due to the type of the company)

  • Letter of Undertaking (Trade Registry Regulation Article 24)
  • Articles of association including notarized signatures of founders and notary certification proving that all shares constituting the registered capital have been subscribed by the founders in the articles of association
  • Founders’ statement signed by the founders
  • The bank letter proving that the share capital has been deposited
  • The bank receipt indicating that 0.04% of the company capital has been deposited to the account of the Turkish Competition Authority at a state bank
  • Permit or letter of compliance for companies whose corporation is subject to the permit or letter of compliance issued by the relevant ministry or other official institutions
  • Notarized copy of signatures of persons with the authority to represent and bind the company
  • Application number indicating that the trade name to be used has been checked and confirmed by the Trade Registry Office
  • Company establishment statement form (3 original copies)
  • Certificate of residence of founding partners
  • Notarized translation of passport in case the foreign shareholder is a real person; apostilled and notarized translation of registry document issued by the competent authority in case the foreign shareholder is a legal entity

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