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There are many reasons for international companies and fund managers to consider investing in Turkey:

  • New Investment incentive law,
  • Growing GDP,
  • Growing population, qualified, competitive labor force,
  • Infrastructure,
  • Proximity to energy exporting countries,
  • Geographical location, gateway to Middle East and Central Asia,
  • Low corporate taxes,
  • Customs union with the EU, Free Trade Agreements with 17 countries

The services offered by Shedu Global for potential investors include:

  • Determining promising industries to invest in,
  • Preparing the investment feasibility report (assessing the profitability of the investment, preparing pro-forma cash flow and income statement, analyzing the competition, determining the investment and net working capital),
  • In case of a favourable feasibility report, assisting the client with finding out the convenient investment location in cooperation with the Investment board, short-listing the suitable investment partners upon request,
  • Helping our clients with establishing their company, recruiting local staff acquiring residential and working permits for their foreign staff.
  • Assisting investors with acquiring investment incentive certificate under the new investment incentive scheme. The new incentive system has several support instruments such as:
    • VAT exemption,
    • Customs duty exemption for imported machinery and equipment within the scope of the investment incentive certificate.
    • Income tax reduction, 
    • Social Security Premium Support (Employee’s Share),
    • Social Security Premium Support (Employer’s Share):
    • Income Tax Withholding Allowance,
    • Interest Rate Support, lower interest on financial loans for investments,
    • Land Allocation,
    • VAT Refund.